Behind the great natural barriers of the Himalayas lies the hidden Kingdom of Druk Yul, the land of the Thunder Dragon.

Known to the world as Bhutan, the last of the Mahayana Buddhist Kingdoms, this remote, mystical country is still one of the most unspoilt places in the world. Wedged between India and China, the Kingdom covers approximately 46,000 square kilometers with an ecosystem ranging from sub-tropical to alpine. The population of a little over half a million mostly live in small villages scattered along the mountain slopes and valleys.

For years it lay hidden from the occidental tourist, being a forbidden land for outsiders. Today, however, Bhutan welcomes the discerning traveller in search of a rare and singular experience. The spectacular landscapes are some of the most awe-inspiring to be found on earth. The grandeur of the mountain peaks, the terraced hills, the lush, green valleys, the dense forests filled with rare flowers and diverse wildlife, the fast flowing crystal clear rivers, the pure, clean air, the unique architecture, art and culture and above all the delightful people who make the soul smile......... a trip to Bhutan teaches one of life and real living.


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